Sunday, 30 September 2012

Rock Star

Clearly I am not a rock star… yet this morning when I got dressed my husband remarked ‘Ohhhhh… You’re looking very Rock Star today’. Nothing says rock star like black jeans, a printed t-shirt and dark sunglasses, it’s a pretty easy look to pull off. I'm not usually a t-shirt kinda girl, but if you look closely you'll see exactly why I chose this one, the fact it goes best with black jeans, therefore making me look far cooler than I actually am, is an added bonus.

t shirt / MNG / ankle zip jeans / Gap 

ballet flats / Joe Fresh

My ballet flats are from Joe Fresh, picked up on our recent trip to New York city, I think they finish the look off perfectly (sadly I don’t have any biker boots or a tough looking leather jacket). So how did this Rock Star fill her day? A morning at the local shopping centre and an afternoon on the couch with a good book.. Cause that’s how I roll ;-)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Summer to Fall

A funny thing happened while I was busily reworking those summer classics… Fall (as they call it here in the Northern Hemisphere) suddenly arrived..

I spent last week in Minneapolis at the Mall ofAmerica with my parents (yes, a love of shopping is genetic in this family) and it was freezing. Thankfully Maryland isn’t so cold, but it’s certainly turned from maxi skirts and singlet tops to cardigans and jeans.

cardigan / Loft / top /Old Navy /jeans/ Levi's / scarf / Gap

While at MOA (as the locals call it) I picked up this cardigan from Loft. It’s a colour I’ve been coveting for a while now; almost all the style bloggers I follow seem to work it into their looks. It’s in the yellow family, but a little deeper, maybe a cross between a bright chartreuse and a deeper mustard. I think it works well with neutrals such as navy, black, white and grey as well as brighter shades like the pink and neon scarf I’ve teamed it with today.

My favourite thing about this new purchase? It just says ‘new season’ in one simple piece. Everything else is old (last season or older) but this colour brings it bang up to date.

What colour are you adding to your wardrobe this season?

Monday, 17 September 2012

New York, New York

I'm a city girl through and through, so it’s no surprise really that I heart NY. I know plenty of people who love the mountains and clear, fresh air but give me a bustling, smog filled city any day…

The problem I have is that when I go to a big city it can be a bittersweet experience; I don’t want to be a camera wielding, comfortable shoe wearing tourist. I want to be a local, I want to be childless (sorry Max!), free of responsibilities (sorry Jason!), flawlessly stylish with perfectly highlighted hair and in an awful hurry to be somewhere awfully exciting.

doughnut plant / strawberry fields / shirt by topshop /view from the high line / birkenstocks /street art / bergdorf goodman / fifth avenue /brooklyn bridge / fashion walk of fame / view from rockerfeller

Having said that, of course we had a fab time in New York.  What an amazing city so full of contrasts. It feels like you could explore it for years and still find something new every single day.

The highlights? The High Line, an abandoned railway turned into an elevated inner city walkway, the ‘Top of the Rock’ observation deck, lunch in a Brooklyn deli followed by a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Fashion? It’s eclectic; from the polished Italian ladies with their perfectly coifed blonde bobs to the Lady Gaga-ish eccentrics, it’s an anything goes kind of city where no  particular style stands out.  

Shopping? Joe Fresh was well worth the cross city wild goose chase (you’ll agree when you see my new ballet flats), Topshop in Soho for a little bit of British and of course my US favourites Gap, Madewell and American Eagle Outfitters.

So, tell me, do you love the city like me or are you more at home in the countryside?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Take me out to the ball game

Have I mentioned how much I love my denim shirt? You might remember I picked it up a few months ago from Topshop and it has become a real favourite (I also wore it here). It’s lightweight and a great alternative to a denim jacket. You can wear it buttoned up as  shirt or throw it over pretty much anything and you’re good to go. It is part of recycling my summer staples challenge, but really it’s a no brainer, I wear it all the time.

shirt/ topshop/ stripe singlet/ h&m/ jeans /gap ankle zip in majorca blue

Last night we went to our first every baseball game with some other Aussie friends. Here are some pics of Max (in his very large t shirt) just before he high fived the players as they entered the field. Jason was chosen to throw the first pitch.

I’m giving my challenge a rest for a few days as we are off to New York tomorrow… Stay tunned xo

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Printed Pants - Take 2

Yesterday I set myself a challenge to re-work some spring/summer staples, so I thought this morning I’d dive right in.

top / Warehouse / pants / Zara / sunglasses / FCUK

necklace / Target

shoes / dolce vita by DSW

Remember these Zara printed pants? They really are so comfy and have become a bit of a go-to item to throw on with a singlet top and thongs for a walk to the shops. I’ve tried to mix it up today by pairing with a pale lilac shirt. I was worried this could make them look even more pyjama-ish than normal, so I added a simple necklace and some sparkly shoes.

While I’m enjoying day one of my challenge, I’ll admit it took me a little longer than normal to get dressed this morning. However, I did come up with 2 other new looks to try out as well, using my other printed pants worn here (stayed tuned for them!).

Today we are sprucing up the house and making a quick trip to Target.  My mum and dad arrive to stay tonight after a few nights in Memphis… Wish us luck with the geriatric visitors!


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Home Sweet Home

We are home from Vegas today, after a quick stopover in Baltimore yesterday. It’s amazing how great it is to be home, especially considering our current home is only temporary and has only been home for 3 short weeks.. Max has spent the morning vegging in front of the TV (no judgement please!) and I've been catching up on some pottering, one of my all time favourite pastimes.

denim shirt / topshop / dress / fat face

Summer here in the US seems to be endless; every day the sun shines and we hit 30 plus temperatures. While it’s lovely, and reminds me of home on the Gold Coast, it is starting to pose quite a style challenge. Whilst contemplating my coffee this morning (in my new Las Vegas mug) I came up with this challenge to help stretch out those summer/spring time basics.
You've seen all these items before but my challenge for the next 5 days is to mix them up and wear them differently;

  • The printed pants 
  • The denim shirt 
  • The maxi skirt 
  • The coloured jeans 
  • The peplum top 

Stay tuned and wish me luck! 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Vegas Baby!

So Vegas hey? It has to be one of the most famous, talked about cities in the world? My Vegas loving friend said ‘I have a feeling you might hate the place’.  Well I didn’t hate it, but to be honest, I just didn’t get it. 

Here’s the thing, there are some brilliant ‘Party’ cities in the world; New York, Barcelona, Rio (I’d imagine) which is exactly where I’d go if I wanted a fun holiday full of hustle and bustle. There are also some beautiful resorts (Thailand springs to mind) where I’d go if I wanted lots of sunshine and to sit by a swimming pool. So as a non-gambling (I save my pennies for shopping), too old for nightclubs kinda gal, I found it difficult to see an attraction through all the tackiness, the poker machines and the grotty underside; the crime, the rampant prostitution and drugs. 

Having said that, we still had a great time, especially spending time with my mum and dad, seeing them bond all over again with Max (after a year apart) warmed my heart. We ate some fantastic (albeit insanely unhealthy) food and drank some amazing cocktails.

Fremont St, Downtown Las Vegas
Fremont Street Experience

One of the highlights was Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Historically, this is where Vegas all began; it’s a street with more lights than Christmas and a cool, somewhat crazy, vibe.

How about fashion? Well remember that saying about ‘Less is more’? It usually refers to ladies who have a chic, simple, sophisticated style. In Vegas, the meaning is more literal. The casino’s don’t have dress codes; so it’s short shorts, singlet tops and thongs all the way. We actually saw a girl walking down the strip in a bikini at 11:30pm.  

top/ Gap / belt / Target / skirt / h & m

I loved this outfit;  including a new pink skirt from H & M. Total outfit cost (excluding my Birkenstocks) was under $40. I also loved the dry heat, my hair stayed straight and frizz free all day.
Paris Casino
Excalibur Casino
We had a night out (thanks Nanny Rose & Poppy) and hit Rio (a Casino) and the strip. I'm wearing a leopard print Oasis dress, which I hope captured the Vegas vibe without being too tacky. We didn't make it to a show, but checked out some of the free shows in and around the Casino's. A highlight? The showboats at Rio (see picture below).

dress / Oasis / shoes / Dune
Yup, that's a moving showboat, suspended on the ceiling.

So tell me have you been to Vegas? Did you love it or hate it?