Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My favourite jeans

Today I thought I’d pay homage to something very special to me… a discovery that changed my life for the better. I'm talking about Gap* jeans. 

The pair I'm wearing below are nothing special, just a medium wash ‘boyfriend’ style but they belong to an ever growing collection of Gap jeans, I've got them in pink, blue, grey, black, with ankle zip, dark wash, light wash… The reason I love them so much? They fit perfectly, they are affordable (today’s pair for example cost a purse friendly $59), they never create an unsightly muffin top, they are super comfortable, they never need shortening and their styles and cuts are always bang up to date. 

jeans / Gap / ballet flats / Nine West

cardigan / Loft / singlet / TopShop / beads / Glassons

Over the past year I've been slowly but surely adding to my collection, sadly there are only two Gap stores in Australia (now that is CRAZY!) but rest assured.. I have plenty to keep me in denim for the next few seasons.

  Do you have a fail-safe favourite denim brand?

* It may be hard to believe but Gap did not pay me for this post :-)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Virginia Beach

I'm guest blogging today for the lovely Clare at Understated Classics, please head over and check out her fabulous blog :-)

When Clare made a shout out for a guest blogger I was an eager volunteer, I’m pretty new to the blogging world and I've never been a guest blogger before.. So, here goes...

I’m an Australian lover of shopping, style and fashion. In August 2011 my husband and then two year old son, Max left Sydney, Australia for the adventure of a lifetime. We spent 12 amazing months in the UK, living in a beautiful English village and travelling through France, Poland, Belgium and Italy before arriving in Maryland, USA, for our final 3 months away from home. 

Today, I’m coming to you from Virginia Beach, VA, this week my hubby is stationed at the Navy base here, so Max and I decided to tag along. I grew up in Australia on the sunny Gold Coast, and Virginia Beach is about as similar to it as I’ve found in almost 15 months away. Sadly, today the wind was blowing and the skies were grey but I could easily imagine the sun shining, the cocktails flowing and the crowded beach in the height of summer and boy, did it remind me of home.

top / banana republic / jeans / levi's /scarf / zara / bag / marks and spencer

shoes / Clarks

I’m a fairly savvy packer, so when we travel I tend to stick to mix and match basics in my favourite cool shades of navy, pink, green and grey.  My ‘must haves’ include skinny jeans (today I’ve stuck to classic dark blue but coloured jeans are also a staple), stripes and a fun and cheerful scarf. Add an ever practical cross body bag and comfy shoes, such as these metallic brogues and I’m ready to go. Sadly, my husband heard the word ‘beach’ and thought ‘shorts’ and shivered his way up the boardwalk before declaring Virginia Beach might be best viewed from the car…

I could talk  (preach?) about travel packing for days.... Do you have a packing strategy or are you are 'throw it all in the bag' and go kinda gal?

Friday, 5 October 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow..

Please excuse the non-outfit related post (although I am liking the coral/ blue /tan combo below) as today I am tackling an issue far more serious..

Do you have a fear? Something so terrifying that it keeps you awake at night? I do, and tomorrow I'm facing that fear. I'm getting a haircut.

It only takes one terrible haircut to develop a lifetime of hairdresser terror and sadly I've had a lot more than one shocker. Partially, I blame our crazy lifestyle that’s seen us skip through numerous addresses this year alone, it makes building the vital bonds needed for a great hairdresser/client relationship all but impossible. 

After 12 months in the UK, I finally found an amazing hairdresser (after countless nightmares) just before we were due to leave. I briefly considered holding out until we return home to Australia, where I can hopefully call upon personal recommendations (anyone know a great hairdresser in Canberra?), however, we have been invited to a Navy ball next weekend and there is no avoiding it, my dodgy home colouring efforts and split ends need the kind of help only a professional can offer.

top / MNG / belt / Target / jeans / Gap majorca blue ankle zip

So wish me luck as I go under the knife, err scissors, at 9:30am tomorrow morning… and stay posted for photos.

Do you have a fear of hairdressers? Tell me your worst haircut/colour ever..